Rodent Control:

Are you hearing scratching noises in your walls or ceiling, mainly in the evening?  Or the pitter patter of tiny feed scurrying above your head?  Well, fear not, because we know how to trap and remove those pesky rats or mice from your home.  We offer monthly or bi-monthly rodent control services for those who are plagued with rodent issues.  There's no job too big or small for our technicians, so contact us today and we'll make a plan tailored to fit your specific need.


Each Spring/Summer the moles, gophers, and voles popup and cause issues for many homeowners landscapes.  Our team will be able to tell which animal is causing the damage and will place traps and appropriate bait to encourage the trapping and removal of the target animal.  We'll help you reclaim your yard and garden!

Trapping Services:

Before we begin trapping on your property we begin with a thorough inspection to determine what species of wildlife is causing the damage. Our team can trap and remove skunks, squirrels, opossum, raccoons, and beavers.  We use live animal traps and believe in the humane treatment of all animals we're targeting.  Our skilled team of technicians use a personal approach (and unique bait system) to effectively gear and trap the target wildlife on your property.  Due to Oregon Law and disease and overpopulation, most of the wildlife we catch will be euthanized.  To learn more about our Trapping Services contact our office today! 


Our services extend far beyond removing the wildlife from your home.  We also offer Exclusion Services with repairs covered for 2 years upon completion of our work.  AllPro Wildlife Removal LLC is licensed and insured to preform construction services through the State of Oregon: Construction Contractors Board.  We'll seal off entry points to prevent future animal entry and we'll repair the damage done to your home by the nuisance wildlife.